Having recently been nominated for his son to receive a handmade RARE Bear by the charity RARE Science (a charity that seeks to find cures for children with rare disease and disorders), and following a conversation with the charity; Ian at fleQs was asked by the charity co-ordinator at RARE Science to see if any of the waste textile products from within the industry could be put to good use.

The charity RARE Science run a fun and rewarding program where volunteers from around the globe hand stitch a bear from spare fabrics which are then sent to America for processing and stuffing before being sent out to a nominated child somewhere in the world who has a rare medical diagnosis. The charity then receive a photo back of the child with the bear which is sent back to the maker.

As the bears are all handmade and created from old material each one is unique (like the child who receives them) and reliant on old fabric the volunteer sewer has available or can source.

The charity at this stage are not looking for massive amounts of fabric, but if anyone can help then even small amounts of damaged or test stock, (the more colourful the better) that can be sent on to UK based sewers would help to keep the program running.

If anyone can help then please email ian@fleqs.com and he will contact the charity to arrange further contact.

The charity are also always looking for competent sewers, so if anyone would like to get involved in making bears then more information can be found on the program on the weblink below.