Outstanding Branding says farewell to Senior Account Manager, Nicki White who has been part of #TeamOB for 6 years.

Nicki began her journey at Outstanding Branding back in February 2014; with over 10 years’ experience, Nicki has been a valued member of the team and an instrumental part of pushing forward the success of OB.

“I love you, Nicki White” bellowed Outstanding Branding’s Global Sales & Marketing Director, Andy Thorne. “Genuinely, I love her. Our relationship has evolved over the years from very explosive to a mutual respect which has allowed us to become friends.”

This will in fact be the second time Nicki leaves Outstanding Branding; unfortunately after leaving to follow a dream once before, her mother suddenly passed away leaving Nicki devastated. “I wanted to come back to my family at OB who I knew would support me”, says Nicki.

“I’d like to thank Andy, Sarah and the team – past and present – for a truly amazing 6 years in what I can honestly say has been a fantastic company to work for. I have made some lifelong friends, had some epic experiences and achieved successes that I could have only dreamed of when I joined”.

“I wish Nicki all the best for her new role,” says Outstanding Branding CEO, Sarah Penn. “I will however be so sad to see her leave – on a professional level, Nicki has been the most consistent, high achieving member of our sales team by far over the 6 years she has been with us. She’s an incredible, creative account manager, with high standards for herself which she always meets and exceeds. Her commitment and passion for the industry and her clients are clear to see and she’s a role model to her colleagues.

On a personal level, like Andy, I have come to see Nicki as a friend, and will really miss seeing her in the office”.

Although Nicki leaving Outstanding Branding will be a sad day, Outstanding Branding have exciting plans for the future, starting with the three promotions announced last week

“Nicki’s opportunity at Fluid is one that could not be missed.“, says Thorne. “Matt and Miles are extremely lucky to have Nicki, and I couldn’t wish for a better new home for her. I know they will look after her – and if they don’t, there’ll be trouble!”, laughed Thorne.

“A lot of companies would be bitter; however Outstanding Branding, we train people to the highest levels and are proud to see the growth, development and the next stages of our employee’s careers. Genuinely, I wish Nicki all the best for the future. Team OB has evolved over the years; and I look forward to seeing the new generation trying to become the next Nicki White. Good luck – those are big shoes to fill”.