Prime Group has achieved ISO 27001:2013

Customer data is possibly the most important asset your company holds. So you could be forgiven for not wanting to pass it over to anyone who might – unwittingly or not – expose it to the dark world of cyber crime.
With our recent ISO 27001 accreditation, Prime Group customers can rest assured that we have taken a ‘belt and braces’ approach to making sure that should never happen.

The 2015 Deloitte Consumer Review found that, with as much as 20% of consumers suffering financial loss through cyber crime, they are are becoming increasingly distrustful of companies that hold and process their data. The research indicates that 84% of consumers think companies should ‘be held responsible for ensuring the security of user data and personal information online’, and 73% would think twice about using companies ‘that failed to keep their data safe’.

To be honest, that came as no real surprise to Prime: we’ve had working practices in place to counter these threats for years. What our ISO accreditation means, though, is that you no longer simply have to take our word for it!

So your information is as secure in our hands as it can possibly be at the moment. But complacency is not an option: information security is an ongoing battle and something we continually monitor, further strengthening whenever necessary.