As part of YOBGolfs exclusive partnership with the World’s leading golf brand TaylorMade, their product offering to the corporate market has just got better. Currently there is a strong offering of quality golf balls that include great value and FREE! gift-with-purchase offers as well as TM gloves in free custom packaging, image towels and high end gift boxes, however they is a new member to this prestigious family…..Welcome the TaylorMade custom storm umbrella.


This umbrella has been developed with YOBGolf to provide the industry’s only custom coloured split panelled storm umbrella. Naturally you are assured of the frame being of the highest quality and suitable for all weathers, but available exclusively to the corporate market, customers get the chance to choose their own design of 32 different panel colours, full colour printed dome in the soft-touch rubber handle and custom coloured printed sleeve. As standard you will get your customers full colour logo printed to two positions and have the TaylorMade logo coloured to fit your customers own design. The MOQ on this is 100 pieces and available in 4-6 weeks but what is even better about this offer is that with every umbrella your customer will receive a free TM image towel as part of the deal. This works great on a golf course as you can hang the towel inside the brolly to help keep your grips and hands dry.


Strictly this isn’t the only new product as the umbrella has a bigger brother. This umbrella also offers are very attractive magic print option, where you customers logo can have complete coverage of 4 panels, but only when the panels are wet. If you haven’t already seen this in action, it’s a pretty impressive sight.


Another noticeable change to the range is the development of the very popular TM gift boxes. Due to customer feedback, the boxes have now gone through a subtle redesign. The lid is now designed with a recess to hold a printed plaque on the top, which replaces the previous resin dome, also the cap clip has been replaced with a poker chip ball marker for the contents.

If you would like anymore information on any golf related enquiry or would be interesting in taking our new TaylorMade corporate e-brochure containing your own contact details, please contact our sales team on 0345 962 4653 or