Xindao have just launched 3 stylish and convenient to carry powerbank/torches. The XD Lighthouse Powerbanks are available with a 2,500 (P324.253), a 5,000 (P324.243) or a 10,000 (P324.233) mAh  lithium battery to make sure you always carry the extra power you might need.  Supplied with a  micro USB cable, the set enables users to charge from small to large mobile devices like tablets whilst at the same time providing a bright source of light from the built in LED.  The 10,000 mAh version includes a fast charge module 1.5A to charge the powerbank faster – great for those travellers in a hurry to pack their cases in preparation for their journey!

Contact sales@xindao.co.uk or Tel: 0121 359 3716 for further details.