What is it that makes a crystal trophy or award exceptional, even inspirational?When someone receives an award, whether it’s a ‘Best Employee Award’ or a ‘Best Salesperson Trophy’ they need to feel proud and inspired by the quality and design of their trophy. We like to make our crystal trophies and awards stand out from the crowd, and really make an impact.

At Laser Crystal, we’re keen to make sure we always deliver trophies and awards that push the boundaries of technology and design. I want to ensure that every single crystal award that leaves our factory is of an exceptional standard.

I started thinking about this after speaking to a friend of mine who is an intensive care nurse and is absolutely passionate about giving the best care to her patients. Having just taken a terminally ill patient to the hospital garden for a family goodbye – she knew this unloved garden was not good enough and now it’s her personal mission to get the garden revamped to turn it into a special place.

It’s a question of passion, and we all need that passion and drive to be the best we can be.

I realise it’s a world away from Laser Crystal – but what I’m trying to say is that we really do care passionately about every order we get. As a small company we’re not about just churning out bulk volumes of crystal awards of an inferior standard. For us it’s about working with you to create distinctly unique glass awards and trophies of the highest quality.

You could say it’s the difference between going to Ikea or John Lewis for your furniture – do you want something cheap and cheerful or something inspired by design and quality? It’s also about quality control and ensuring the right checks are in place to guarantee every crystal trophy meets your expectations.

Even though we deliver our crystal awards in bulk volumes, we ensure every piece is of the highest standard.



Our expert design team just love bringing your designs to life in 3-D detail. With over 18 years’ experience, we are the go-to experts in all things 3D and there isn’t anything that we can’t create in amazing 3D crystal detail. We enjoy being challenged by your amazing projects – the crazier and weirder the better – no challenge is too great!

Our design team take the time to look at your brief so we can deliver creative solutions.

I remember recently we were doing a job for a car manufacturer who had supplied the CAD model – but our design team felt the car doors which opened upwards would look better open and they very quickly rebuilt the doors and some of the cars’ interior. Our client was absolutely amazed by what was possible and now I’m pleased to say they place regular orders with us.


At Laser Crystal we’re proud to be renowned world leaders in 3D crystal engraving technology and have developed some amazing software that enables us to push the boundaries and design possibilities to deliver 3D engraving that is quite simply the best.

Buyer beware … not all 3D engraving is of the same quality and we pride ourselves on being the best.

We are still, 18 years on amazed and mesmerised by our fabulous 3D engraving in crystal awards and gifts. Our team regularly congregates in our production area to view our latest amazing 3D crystal creations.

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At Laser Crystal, we place considerably more importance on a high-quality presentation gift box than other glass award companies. I don’t think you can underestimate the value of that first impression with a quality gift box setting the right tone for your awards.



So, going back to my original question …. inspirational awards are a combination of innovative design, amazing technology, high-quality crystal and packaging that packs a punch!

We believe exceptional is our standard.

Let us inspire you with our passion for crystal.

Get in touch and together we can create something amazing.