SPS opened its doors in May to host the AGF Branding Branding Bootcamp Extra. Distributors from around the UK made the journey to Blackpool for a day of education, product demos, and quality conversations with their favourite suppliers.

The day also included a tour of the SPS factory, with the opportunity to do some product branding, and explore the company’s massive manufacturing and branding facility in Lancashire. The two day event was a massive success, with distributors returning to their businesses full of ideas, expert knowledge and a desire to send the rest of their teams to the next event!

Phil Morgan, SPS CEO explains why the Branding Bootcamp Extra Format is so popular: “Every member of the AGF is passionate about equipping distributors with everything they need in order to be successful. The Bootcamp is a fantastic way to spend quality time investing in ‘supplier-distributor’ relationships, talking through production processes, and finding ways to work closer together.”

Suppliers had a fantastic couple of days too, and find the format of the Bootcamp very successful in building both existing and new relationships with distributors. Suppliers included: SPS, Crystal Galleries, Corporate Executive Gifts, Prime Time, Brunel, Keramikos, Everything Environmental, The Leather Business, Billbo, Bizz Badge, Liquid Lens, Fanela, Tomlinson Golf and United Brands.