Strive Badge has been working with tried and tested factories in China for many years and the current situation with the Coronavirus outbreak is unprecedented.

Most Chinese regions have been instructed by the Chinese Government to not return back until 10th  February and so this imposed quarantine is a sensible and pragmatic approach to a potentially devastating situation.

The fact British Airways has stopped their flights in to China indicates the severity of this problem.


The mass travel that takes place around the Chinese New Year festival is in the billion journeys and so holding this back for a week will hopefully stop the Virus spreading exponentially.

We all hope that by Monday 10th February  all the factories will be all back and we can get back to some normality again. All of our Chinese factories are just pushing back delivery dates by 7-10 days and if this is the case I think everyone will be happy and relieved.

Next week and how the virus develops is pivotal to how China factories can function.


The Promotional Gift industry is so dependent on all things China and so we all hope that this does blow over quickly. We have very strong relationships with all our factories and they are reassuring us that they are all safe and well.


The Chinese people are definitely extremely positive and resourceful and they all say , ‘ Tough times won’t last, I have faith in my country’ !


As a UK specialist importer, Strive Badge is working double time to ensure that all order obligations are met during this difficult time and thankfully we also work with Metal Badge and Lanyard factories in Bangladesh and Europe  and so we can definitely fulfil any orders that you have during February.