Premier’s loquacious sales executive Vicky was uncharacteristically lost for words when she won February’s Dream Draw today. She will be using the £1000 gift prize for a holiday in Spain.

“I didn’t know what to say,” revealed Vicky a few minutes after the draw was made. “I didn’t think I’d be lucky enough to go on holiday again this year! I can’t believe it, never thought it would be me – so happy!”

“I am delighted a hard working member and major personality in the Premier family has won,” added Jamie Marshall, the founder and managing director of Premier Print & Promotions. “By Vicky’s reaction, you can tell what it meant to her.”


Premier’s Dream Draw gives our employees an opportunity to fulfil a personal dream or aspiration by winning a monthly draw. The dream can be anything a Premier employee would like to do, but would not otherwise experience without a one-off award of this nature. The Premier Dream Draw helps to bring the whole company together to achieve our shared goals and targets.