There are not many marketing techniques that take the best of direct mail and digital, fusing them into one awesome campaign. Webkeys do just that, driving customers from your creative literature straight to your website.

The webkey is incorporated into your direct mail but can be detached and plugged into a USB port, taking the customer through to your optimised landing page.

It’s simple enough technology, but the beauty is in the way you can integrate the webkey into your design. The more creative you are, the more likely it is that those receiving the mail will act.

Here at Clone Media, we’ve worked on some super cool webkey projects for our clients. Land Rover being one of them.

The webkey has become integral to the main image design, a clever, creative trick that grabs the attention of the reader. The mailer has clear instructions: remove the webkey and insert into a computer to go straight to Britpart’s sales catalogue.

Another example is, Parexel, this webkey invites recipients to take a three-minute challenge online by removing and using the webkey, which fits seamlessly into the design.

The beauty is in the simplicity. You already know that good direct mail, when created carefully and especially when it’s personalised, gets excellent results. By adding this form of tactile interaction, you take your campaign to another level.

Webkeys are ideal for driving traffic to any sales landing page. Maybe to an online survey or your social media page. Whatever you want can be done.

Here at Clone Media, we’re experts at the procurement and management of your print and marketing communications projects. Perhaps you have an in-house team who’ve already come up with a cool design, or we can create your direct mail design for you. Any shape, colour or material (within reason!) is possible.

We’ll then sort everything else for you, from printing and delivery to mail list management. You can test the results of webkey usage using your normal analytics software (you’ll be driving traffic to a specific page).