USB Power People – A combination of USB flash drive and powerbanks in the shape and design of real professionals. Of course you are able to customize the design on request.

The capacity of the A-grade lithium-ion battery is 2600 mAh with an input of 5V/800 mAh and output of 5V/1A.

Ideally suited to charge most common devices. Next to this you can store your documents on the USB Power People and use it as a flash drive.

Size: 108 x 45 x 18 mm
Battery: 2000 mAh or 2600 mAh (customer’s choice) Li-polymer (China)
Input: 5.0V/500mA
Output: 5.0V/1A
Battery life: ≥ 500 times
Packing: Window box
Accessory: Micro USB cable