thefullworks are excited to announce that they are crowdfunding the business and their event is live as we speak!

The company have been working with a number of the leading promotional merchandise distributors over the last year and a half and the count of Corporate webshops that are hosted on their platform is almost into 3 figures.

Vinny Barker said “We have realised that whilst the development team has grown from 2 to 5 since we began, we get very impatient with how quickly new functions can be implemented from our road map.  Expanding the team will not only benefit existing customers but also new distributors that want to come on board, as for a low monthly fee customers get access to all the functionality available on the platform.”

thefullworks also plan to use the investment to develop a Sales and Marketing team that will allow them to make more companies aware of their services, particularly adhoc services such as collation, fulfilment and global distribution.

Vinny continued: “We look to build relationships with distributors above and beyond just being another supplier.  It’s about establishing a partnership and it’s a partnership that everyone can benefit from as we go from strength to strength with the help of investment.”

Crowdfunding allows everyone to feel they can make a contribution to progressing the business with investments starting at just £10.00.

For anyone interested please see thefullworks Crowdcube pitch and for more information feel free to call on 0330 111 2323 or email