It is with great excitement that TheFullWorks announces a product partnership with well-known manufacturer, Intermed Asia.  The agreement gives TheFullWorks exclusive representation of the innovative office block stationary sets and future additions to the range.

Adam Gorham, Director of TheFullWorks said: “It’s a great range to add to our increasing portfolio of products.  We are really excited to be able to offer this to the distributors because we feel it has real appeal to the merchandise industry.  The products are a great fit for any business either associated with construction or wanting to use a building theme.  We also want to make it as easy for the distributors as possible and so are in the process of creating a webshop that shows example sets and the pick and mix products that are available to build your own set!”

Jean Le Strat, Intermed Asia added: “We are keen to develop a successful working relationship with TheFullWorks, they offer us a more immediate and localised service point for the UK market.  It’s also a product range that requires a more proactive approach than general merchandise.  We work with many well-known brands via distributor agencies all over the world and want to increase UK distributor’s awareness of our products via TheFullWorks.”

TheFullWorks are working with Intermed Asia in order to provide a low minimum order quantity of 300 sets to include any combination of products on a lead time normally associated with UK production.

To find out more about the products, the prices or to request samples, please contact TheFullWorks on 0330 111 2323 or email