Now housed in an 8,600 square foot bakery, Eat My Logo, has seen rapid growth since it was established in 2014. Each and every person behind the business plays a vital role in keeping things running smoothly and getting delicious branded products out to customers.

The nine strong production team work hard every day, baking tens of thousands of cakes and biscuits as well as printing the icing toppers to brand them up. They are overseen by production supervisor Val McArdle.

Following some large quantity orders in the last quarter of 2018, they look forward to providing some of the UK’s biggest brands with festive treats again this year. Whether its Gingernuts, Christmas Cake Bites, or Festive Cake Pops, the possibilities are endless!

Their sales team is made up of Meg, Daniel and Amy who love helping to bring customers ideas to life. They are happy to provide pricing, visuals and product advice on the diverse range on offer.

Overseeing the team are Ruth and Andy Poar, the founders and directors of the business. They are passionate about product quality and keeping the ‘homemade bakery’ background of the company at the heart of its operations.

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