The Cotton Textile Company Ltd came into being in 2013. Sales Director, Richard King, has been manufacturing bespoke clothing and accessories for over 20 years. The Cotton Textile Company is still a young business, but one with ambition. With an administrative office in Cornwall and sales office in Essex, the business is well placed to serve their client base that is UK wide

Working in the fast paced promotional and corporate worlds as well as the more organised and forward looking Fashion industry ensures that every day is a busy day. For this reason, as the business grows the team is selected not only for their skill sets but their can-do attitude.

Alex, who oversees all sourcing and production on a day to day basis has been involved for many years in the textiles industry and even owned her own business in Australia sourcing fabrics and accessories. Alex moved back to the UK with 4 small children so organisation is definitely one of her strong points.

Cheryl, has worked with Richard for most of the last 20 years, in that time they have designed uniforms for B&Q, developed what has become a leading name in lifestyle fashion as well as hundreds of garments, towels and accessories for the corporate market. Life with 2 young children on Dartmoor with camping and beaches at the weekend keeps Chery’s creative juices alive.

Jon, is a specialist in the world of web sites and on line branding. Living in Cornwall with a young family keeps Jon busy and away from the computer screen when he isn’t building and developing sites. Keep an eye out for developments on our family of websites over the next few months.

Sam, has spent the last 20 years running global businesses in the entertainments industry, one that is at the forefront of technology and heavily dependent on processes and organisation. In a world of manufacturing in different countries and shipping globally Sam’s skills and ability to look at the ‘whole picture’ mean that she is invaluable when manufacturing a bespoke range of clothing.

Richard King says, ‘people are paramount to the success of any business, and I am proud of the team that we have around us. Additionally, we have a part time finance manager who, whilst currently is only part time, it won’t be long before he is in the office full time. This is only achievable with a driven and focussed attitude running through the business.’

Going forward into 2016/17 The Cotton Textile Company is going to build further on their range of stock Golf Towels and Gym Towels and also its own retail range. So exciting times are ahead with many more opportunities for growth.

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or call Richard, Sam or Alex on 020 633 2699