The Pen for Life™ is a beautifully crafted fountain pen which uses a refillable converter in place of disposable ink cartridges. The converter can be topped up with fresh ink taken directly from a glass bottle, which means no empty cartridges to throw away, minimal mess and no risk of ink contamination as the converter is self-contained.

The durable, high-quality design of the Pen for Life™ allows customers to opt for a product which lasts a lifetime, encouraging consumers to think more carefully about their buying choices and effectively helping them to move away from the throwaway culture of single-use.  While The Pen Warehouse looks to expand the Pen for Life™ range over the coming months, the Tournier Fountain Pen is available to order immediately and can be enhanced by laser engraving for a truly long lasting finish.

The company has provided detailed care guidelines for ensuring optimum performance and lifespan from the Pen for Life™, along with tips for creating eco-friendly homemade inks and contact information for fountain pen repair services across the country. This information is essential when educating the consumer on the pen’s benefits and uses. You can read these tips and learn more about the Pen for Life™ in the latest edition of EcoSense at Contact for pricing and to place an order.