As outlined in the latest installment of EcoSense, The Pen Warehouse are actively reviewing practices internally as part of ongoing efforts to address their carbon footprint and contribution to waste within the supply chain.

All boxes received from its suppliers are reused during the production and packing process, however rather than using traditional plastic tape to secure dispatched products, all tape has been switched to a more sustainable gum option. The gum tape will serve as a biodegradable alternative to traditional plastic tape and can be fully recycled along with the cardboard after use. Join the conversation in the next installment of EcoSense, where further developments in The Pen Warehouse’s waste reduction will be outlined.

Operations Director Helen Dyl gives her take on what this means for the business: “We will be removing 358,776 metres of plastic tape from landfills per year, which is equivalent to the distance from London to Amsterdam. This is an incredible amount of waste that would have inevitably increased with our expansion plans and upcoming move.  Although this is a small change internally, it has inspired a chain of positive process reviews within our business.”