Pen+ Promo Sets are best-selling writing instruments paired with high-quality accessories and presented in full colour printed packaging. They offer incredible scope for brand messaging in a wide range of tactile and appealing sets.

Now The Pen Warehouse has expanded the range to include premium notebook gift sets and customised greetings cards.

Pen+ Notebook Sets are a selection of popular metal pens paired with executive notebooks and presented in specially designed gift boxes. Branding can be applied to both the pen and notebook meaning plenty of opportunity for customisation. There are currently six Pen+ Notebook Sets to choose from, including the stylish Couture Notebook and Match Ballpen, and the classically-styled Vintage Notebook with an Electra Ballpen and Mechanical Pencil.

For some serious full colour impact without blowing the budget, Pen+ Greetings Cards are custom digitally printed to suit any theme or occasion and can be paired with your choice of pen in blister packaging. They’re ideal for seasonal campaigns, direct marketing or adding additional messaging to sample pens. Pen+ Greetings Cards offer huge print real estate to tell the story of a brand.

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