EcoSense will feature content every Wednesday via The Pen Warehouse’s blog. This informational series will serve as a platform for discussion in an area that can be difficult to navigate. The aim of the series is to educate through the sharing of practice, product innovation and general ideas from inside and outside the industry.

The Pen Warehouse is ISO 14001 accredited and FSC registered, which require annual audits to maintain compliance with social and environmental standards and an effective environmental management system. Evolving practice in this area does not stop there and both companies are actively taking steps to raise awareness of environmental considerations that will lead to not only a reduction in their Carbon footprint, but also the industry at large through the sharing of their knowledge and expertise.

The series kicks off with an article on the Environmental Bill, which seeks to implement legally binding measures to protect the country’s natural landscapes while overcoming the most pressing environmental issues of our time.  To find out more about the Environmental Bill and how it might affect your business, read the full article here and be sure to follow The Pen Warehouse and Snap Products on social media to keep up to date with the very latest in environmental news.

Helen Dyl, Operations Director, comments, “we are live to the environmental challenges that face our industry and are committed through our expertise and resources to be a catalyst for change in the wider supply chain. We look forward to sharing practice and ideas with distributors and suppliers alike.”