A UK promotional calendar manufacturer has scooped a Gold for ‘Most Original Wall Calendar’ in the World Calendar Awards 2017. In addition to stunning panoramic images, winning title ‘360interactive’ displays a QR code on every month, which can be scanned to access a fascinating photosphere of the location. Virtual reality functionality is included for 2018, with branded VR headsets available as an optional extra. The photospheres can be navigated by touch on a smartphone or tablet, allowing users to explore the scenes from all aspects. A key benefit of this for the advertiser is the recipient’s repeated engagement with the product.

‘360interactive’ has already been awarded ‘Best Corporate Stock Contemporary/Innovative Calendar’ at the 2017 National Calendar Awards and won a trophy in the internationally-competed Promotional Gift Awards 2017 in the ‘Communicative Products’ section. A promotional video for ‘360interactive’ can be viewed at: www.interactivecalendars.co.uk/360-video.

Reeve Calendars is a trade advertising calendar supplier with a large range of attractive, stock titles, as well as extensive bespoke calendar printing capabilities. Distributor-branded range sites and a selection of unbranded marketing materials are also available to support your calendar sales.

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