Here at Eat My Logo we are proud to say that we work with lots of charity organisations. We have been working with the Ronald McDonald House Charity for a year now, supporting them with various charity events and fundraisers. We have provided tasty branded biscuits as a fun addition to their fundraising efforts to be handed out to staff and VIP Guests!

The main purpose of these Charity Fundraisers is to help raise money to be able to support families with seriously ill children. The money allows the Ronald McDonald Charity to provide accommodation to families whilst their child undergoes the necessary treatment they need. In the intervening years, Ronald McDonald House Charities has spread across the world. The Charity supports children and families by delivering programs and services in more than 64 countries and regions.

Last year we provided some delicious Logo Shortbread Biscuits. These were used to celebrate 30 years of this amazing charity and to hand out to staff as a thank you for all their hard work and efforts in the running and upkeep of the current Ronald McDonald Houses. These went down really well, and we got some fantastic feedback!

This year we provided some Christmas Mini Ginger Men for the Brighton House Charity Christmas Party! These were very well received and not only did the guests say they tasted amazing, but the biscuits managed to gain lots of social media coverage for the Charity too!

Posting about the biscuits and their uses across social media platforms meant that the Ronald McDonald House Charity gained widespread popularity! The more they can shout about the Charity work they do; the more people can donate and help this superb cause!

We look forward to continuing our work with the Ronald McDonald Charity and also other charity organisations too!

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