It is not often that a new service is announced several months before its arrival, however, Sourcing City launched Dynamic Highway at the Purple Club Industry Summit on Wednesday.

Dynamic Highway is being developed to elevate the distribution and collection of data across the industry to a completely new level. In other words, Dynamic Highway is about to create a complete Data Revolution.

One of the biggest headaches for suppliers and distributors alike is the management of data. Everyone wants differing product data & pricing information, which is currently time consuming and costly to provide, and tricky to maintain accurately. The time taken by everyone in managing data is both expensive in man-hours and even more importantly, distracting from the core purpose of your business.

Dynamic Highway will automatically feed distributors with any data selected, and will also provide real-time price & product updates (and in phase two real-time stock information).

In a nutshell, Dynamic Highway will enable suppliers to provide their product data & entire pricing structure to Dynamic Highway in any electronic format they choose. Dynamic Highway will then convert and store that detailed data. Individual distributors can then make specific requests and Dynamic Highway will provide their individual information in a simple export to feed their own websites or web shops. Then, every time a supplier makes any changes to any product or price it will automatically be fed to distributors through Dynamic Highway. This real-time data will also enable distributors to have true e-commerce websites which will generate complete product orders, rather than simple enquiries. Distributors would not need to be Sourcing City customers to use Dynamic Highway.

The system will handle all of the complexities of special buying rates, branding options, colours, print areas, weights, carriage, packaging and so much more.

Additionally, any company using Sourcing City websites or web shops will have the added benefit that the sites will connect to Dynamic Highway and automatically display current products and real-time prices. Dynamic Highway will also connect to Promotional Office Software, and there will also be an optional upgrade version of Sourcing City that will provide real-time pricing. Plans are also in place to provide product stock availability in real-time.

Sourcing City sits at the heart of industry data at present and are ideally positioned and determined to resolve this industry issue. Distributor activity online is constantly expanding & developing, and their requirements are becoming more specific. Dynamic Highway is going to make managing individual bespoke data on any website easy.

The Dynamic Highway project is a significant six figure investment for Sourcing City, and we firmly believe this is the future for the industry.

Naturally many people would like to see Dynamic Highway now, but a massively complex project like this takes time and the launch of Phase One is not anticipated until Autumn in 2016. Between now and then lots will be happening, and like all the services Sourcing City provide we aim to make Dynamic Highway of excellent quality and real value to all.

Ultimately Dynamic Highway will be simple to use, save valuable time & remove unnecessary cost – enabling distributors & suppliers to concentrate on selling!