Single use water bottles in supermarkets… will they soon go the same way as carrier bags?

It’s only a matter of time before consumers, Government and environmental lobbyists eventually agree that single use water bottles are just as wasteful and unnecessary as the now-banned free plastic carrier bag. There is growing pressure on retailers to charge extra on these bottles prior to an eventual or certainly restricted ban. Environmental outlets such as zoos and health food shops are already starting to ban their sale.

150 million plastic water bottles are sold each day Worldwide, but only 25% are ever recycled. That’s over 110 million bottles of plastic waste… every single day!!

Oil and water are needed to make one plastic bottle, 4 times more water than the bottle contains… they are a total waste of energy and not as hygienic as you may think!  The water is no better than what come out of your tap.

Water is water: simply put: 2 atoms of Hydrogen and one of Oxygen whether it comes from the tap, bottle, cup or flask, it’s the same thing. Any minerals are trace and can’t be added or subtracted!

And the crazy thing is that tap water in the UK is just as pure (and certainly better monitored) than the bottled version (30% is municipal water anyway) see:

Tap water costs £0.09per litre. Bottled water costs almost as much as petrol, so the consumer is being seriously conned. Cut out single use water bottles and keep a refillable bottle handy to use when you’re at home or on the move.

Better still: use a reusable filter water bottle, if you happen to dislike the taste of Tap water.

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