“We did it!!

Firstly thank you for your support.

We had a truly great day. The weather in North Cornwall warm and dry with high clouds. This meant that the view from the plane as we climbed to 10,000 feet was amazing and allowed us to see both North and South coasts and from Devon to Land’s End.

The jump itself was an amazing experience full of trepidation prior to leaving the plane, the rush of free-falling at 120 MPH and then relaxing into the jump as the parachute opens. Certainly Molly and Dale will be jumping again, Sam, Brian and I could be tempted with the right incentives!

To date Molly has raised over £3000 for the Bristol Royal Infirmary Children’s Hospital which is a fantastic achievement. Today; the day after jumping, Molly attended Falmouth Marine School to study Marine Biology, which is a dream she has had since childhood. This all just goes to prove that if you want something and are prepared to work hard to get it, you will get the results that you deserve.

The fundraising page is still open and will be for another week.” Richard King, The Cotton Textile Company.