To welcome new friends from the Sourcing City Marketplace, Bagco Asia now proudly present their featured product line of the month: the Chatham series.

The series has three key products: a Stuff Bag, Gift Bag and Budget Tote/Shopper Bag. All three bags are great for customisation with a range of vivid colours available and can be produced with high efficiency to save you time and energy.

Here are some details of the bags:

Chatham Stuff Bag: Made from partly recycled materials, the Stuff Bag is small, light and easy to carry. The draw-cord-and-toggle design allows you to pack in more stuff than you think you can fit!

Chatham Gift Bag: A gift bag is an excellent finishing touch for party favors and presents. The Chatham Gift Bag is perfect for birthday parties, corporate events, holiday gatherings and other events.

Chatham Budget Tote: With reinforced stitching on the straps and edges, the Chatham Budget Tote is sturdy and perfect for heavy-duty shopping.

Contact them today for a quick quote, or visit their website to learn more about our complete range of products.