The Big Display Company have launched their new website which lets users build their own plain label large format printing brochure. Including flags, banners, tablecloths and exhibition pop up units, users can quickly add different products to create a custom brochure that can be downloaded as a PDF, ready to send direct to their customers.

Marketing Director Jack Murphy has said “As manufacturers we wanted to create an easy-to-use resource for trade customers in the industry. We know the printed products we make are an easy add-on for many printers and agencies, so we decided to make them even easier to sell with our new brochure. By using the brochure creator online you can become an expert in large format, without having to log in.”

Users simply go on, click on a product and ‘add to brochure’. After choosing as many products as they need, users can then ‘download brochure’ which generates a plain label PDF, ready to send straight on to clients.

Under 5 main categories, The Big Display Company website covers a huge range of products including solvent, UV, dye sublimation and aqueous printing. Reacting to a growing demand over the past several years, The Big Display Company have developed their production and finishing departments to offer a comprehensive trade service. Their latest purchase includes a HP Latex 360 and 2 new full time employees to keep up with their growing production department.

“The industry has changed a lot over the past few years; lead times are getting even shorter, print runs are getting more personalised and there’s more of a demand for bespoke display solutions on a tighter budget. The personal service we have always offered gives our customers the freedom to say yes, even to the complicated and almost impossible deadlines”