The team at The Cotton Textile Company is acutely aware of the damage plastic is causing our planet when it enters the food chain and pollutes the worlds waterways and seas.

With offices in Cornwall and Essex, the team are exposed first hand to the sight of plastic and waste in the sea.  The company now clean a beach in Fowey and the findings are truly awful, from the usual plastic bags, water bottles, straws, and ear buds through to cleaning mops, plastic toys, milk crates and polystyrene; the list is endless.

The small and important action of cleaning their local beach and recycling as much as possible in the office and at home will not cure the problem, but it will help. They have now taken the decision to only bulk pack their products if packaging is specifically requested.  This will immediately prevent thousands of bags from entering the waste chain per year and brings about the added benefit of marginally reduced costs for customers.

The team know this is a small step towards reducing their footprint and bigger rewards will be gained by creating greater awareness of the problem. The intention is to show others how they too can have a positive impact on the planet and perhaps even save some money along the way.

If you would like to learn more about environmentally favourable clothing, towel and sock fabrics and packaging ideas, or indeed join in for a beach cleanse then please email