This general election, voters will be inundated with letterboxes full of leaflets and be surrounded by TV and magazine ads, in all that noise it can be difficult to get your message to stand out in the minds of the voters as they head to the ballot box.
A chocolate bar or tea bag envelope is harder to throw away than a leaflet and is sure to get your message noticed. How about a visual metaphor that reflects your party’s policies, like a coin net or a heart lolly?

It already feels like so much has happened since Theresa May called the election all those weeks ago, but there is still time to have a bespoke product made to supplement your campaign.

And it’s not just this election which was done in a snap; Bite’s products can be turned around in 5 days or sooner on an express service.

Give them a call on 01792 293 689 or email to find out more about how their promotional food and drink products could be used for the upcoming election.