Have you ever thought ‘I wish that company supplied those sweets in a different container’ or ‘I like that container but want a different filling’, then Sweet Temptations now has the answer for you. August sees the launch of the latest range of tins, tubs and much more that give you an extensive choice of containers, fillings and branding options.

You can choose from over 300 different tasty fillings including Gourmet jelly beans , love hearts, popcorn, retro sweets, along with various chocolates and mints to name just a few. Select a container from a variety of tins, tubs and boxes in a whole host of shapes, styles and sizes, the appropriate branding method and produce a product that is both unique and relevant to its promotional use. The combinations available are almost endless.

This gives the opportunity to create a product that fits the colour or theme required, the budget allocated and the look desired.

All this and only a 1 – 2 week lead time!

Call for our brochure detailing the various selections offered, or call us on 0345 658 0202 to talk over your requirements.

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