Spring is in full swing, but are you prepared for Summer 2015 promos? Our top 5 summer products for 2015 are sure to please crowds of all kinds.

Dargate Jute Tote Bag
As one of our newest lines, jute a great material that is durable – perfect for the beach and heavy-duty grocery shopping.

The Cooler Bag
Our wide range of cooler bags includes picnic-pleasing hues and a variety of sizes. What makes these look better? Your logo.

Allington Cotton Show Bag
If you’re going to get some work done over the summer, bring everything along with you in this natural show bag. Comes in two colours.

Environmentally Friendly Drawstring Bags
This vibrant range is great for every audience, from kids to work colleagues. Make a splash this summer with a bright bag that doesn’t cost the environment.

Hever Sportsbag on Wheels
On the go and got some stuff to carry? Pack it in this sportsbag and you’ll arrive in style.

Each of our bags can be tailored to your needs, so dream big and ask us how we can make your Summer promos more special with bespoke touches. Check out our e-catalog for more details on the products and contact us for questions