Promotional Product Distributor Steel City are proud to announce their recent renovation and purchase of a 1,200 square foot office based in the centre of Sheffield.

As a former printing works sat on a narrow cobbled street close to the professional quarter, the building had stood empty for years and had little character.  Although not for sale, Steel City’s MD James Biggin spotted its potential and persuaded the former owners to sell it.

“I was transfixed by the old, unloved building at its entrance,” commented James. “It was bare, had only electricity and needed a lot of work, but I could see its potential. Having vision and exploring ideas is what my business is all about.”

Almost a year on from discovering the building, Steel City’s team of nine moved in this month. The workaday building has been given a new life – as a stunning contemporary workplace.  It features exposed brick walls, a glass meeting room, a Pantone colour staircase, shot-blasted steel beams and faux parquet flooring. Fake grass meanders the length of the office and suppliers and clients will be meeting around a boardroom table created from scaffold planks and rusted RSJs by a local reclaimed furniture-maker.

“Moving to the new space has brought everyone together in one open plan office. The look is in keeping with the brand, and certainly the company image we want to portray. It might be new and shiny, but staff are also sharing ideas, listening to ways their colleagues build relationships and staff morale has visibly improved from an already high level.”