Squeezyball Merchandising have linked up with the Fair Trade Foundation and will support them for every re-usable beverage cup they sell.
£0.05 per cup will go to Fair Trade’s campaign to ensure tea and coffee growers receive a fair price for their produce.

Every year 100 billion single use beverage cups are used.
Only around 1% get recycled.
How can we reduce this?


Reduce plastic and paper waste whilst saving money with low cost re-usable cups from Squeezyball.

• Average use time for a single use cup is 13 minutes (the time to drink the coffee!)
• Every single use cup used impacts on the environment and costs money. Most go to landfill…or worse!
Our cups are made from natural bamboo fibre and waste rice husk from sustainable sources. It is compostable (like wood) and breaks down in around 2 years in soil. In addition the lid and sleeve are made of recyclable silicone.


Save money

• The cups save the user money…most coffee outlets (including major chains) offer up to £0.50 off a beverage if the customer supplies their own cup. You could save over £300 per year!

• The cups are odour-free, hard wearing, dish-washable and come in a range of attractive colours.

• We can brand these cups (for example as illustrated). We can also supply pantone matched or all-over print designs in process colours.

Help the growers

• Squeezyball also donate £0.05/pc for every cup sale to the Fairtrade Foundation to create awareness and improve farmer livelihoods in developing countries*

MOQ 2000pcs and prices from £2.85/pc


So, help save the planet, reduce waste, save money and help support the coffee growers.

For more details and order information please contact Squeezyball today!

For more information please drop them an email at: Sales@Squeezyball.com or call on +44 (0) 208 964 5457

Also you can see their other products at the website link below.


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*Squeezyball Ltd supports the Fairtrade Foundation through donations and promotion with its customers to create awareness of unfair trade and improve farmer livelihoods in developing countries. Squeezyball Ltd are not a Fairtrade licencee, nor is this product Fairtrade certified. For more information on the Fairtrade Foundation or how you can support the cause, see Fairtrade.org.uk.