To celebrate over 10 years of the Sourcing City Website, the team have launched a Loyalty Award for their Distributor Customers and Supplier Partners.

Within two years of Dynamic Image Limited being originally formed in early 2003, the team built and launched the first online Trade Sourcing Website in Europe with the support of many of the industry’s leading suppliers. At this time distributors had filing cabinets rammed full of supplier catalogues, and the idea was to revolutionise how sourcing was done across the industry.

In 2005 the first version of Sourcing City was born, and in that year 75 Distributor Companies and 125 Supplier Partners were the early adopters who bravely joined us on the journey of this new concept. 5 Years later a further 115 Distributor Companies had joined us and the Supplier base had advanced by a further 100 Companies. Today Sourcing City is now on Version 5, and the company provides a variety of services to 350+ distributors, who represent 55% of the entire market spend, and promotes over 100,000 products from 2930 suppliers across the industry.

To say thank you, we are sending out a special ’10 Year’ and ‘5 Year’ Certificate to all of the loyal customers & suppliers who have played such an important role in our journey.

Sourcing City is also at the heart of networking and industry news with SC Marketplace and SC News. In addition the many other services we provide, the team continue to innovate with new concepts to grow all of the businesses who work so closely with us.


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