The guys at GoReusable.Org realise that organisations have a major role to play reducing the world’s consumption of single-use coffee cups. Estimates suggest that 500bn single-use disposable coffee cups are used a year around the world with an estimated 100bn ending up in landfill.

To help move people away from single-use cups GoReusable.Org are focussing on working with organisations to design a stunningly desirable branded GoReusable Bamboo Eco Coffee cup they can be proud of,  and that are topical and they can give to staff or as marketing giveaways.

As part of their mission they want to create an extra special cup for each customer. To do this, at GoReusable.Org, they’ll meticulously mock-up how the branded cup will look on the colour of cup of the customer’s choice so they can visualise their cup. Once the customer is happy with their cup, they will then send a free sample of the colour of cup of interest so they can see the quality of the product. They make the whole process of branding the cup as effortless and professional as possible.

The cups come in 9 colours – black, white, red, blue, dark blue, grey, orange, green & yellow. These are all universal colours that were specifically selected to work well for branding cups.

As well as branding above and below the sleeve, GoReusable.Org  can also customise the sleeve and lid to match the pantone colours of a logo and print logos up to 3 colours on the branded sleeve.

They have been overwhelmed by the response to their initiative and are not resting on their laurels. They’re keen to work hard to keep making good inroads. The range of organisations enquiring for the branded bamboo eco coffee cups has surprised them from organisations such as business, government departments, schools,  creative agencies, museums, theatres, coffee shops, restaurants and bakers.

There is clearly a lot of interest in the branded bamboo eco cups – and may be some organisation you know would ideally like to promote their business in a way that demonstrates their commitment to the environment? If you do, please visit GoReusable.Org for more information.

They also offer colour matching for printing, a high level of service and advice.