This month new legislation will come into force that bans single-use plastic products such as drinking straws, stirrers and cotton buds. This piece of legislation was announced in May 2019 after the government found widespread support amongst the public in tackling the plastic pollution problem. In England alone, it is estimated we use a staggering 4.7 billion plastic straws every year. As you’re probably already aware, our plastic waste takes a long time to decompose, with plastic straws taking as long as 200 years! Not only do they look messy when washed up on our beaches but they also pollute our water systems and wreak havoc upon wildlife. Every year it is estimated that a million birds and over 100,000 sea mammals die as a direct result of plastic pollution.


Here at Brandelity, as an environmentally conscious company, we’ve always strived to provide sustainable promotional alternatives and were one of the first to offer reusable stainless steel straw kits to our clients. Made from grade 304 stainless steel, FDA approved and with logo engraving to each straw, they’ve been a popular promotional gift for our eco-aware clients.


However, when it comes to the environment it is important not to become complacent and this new ban will likely be extended to even more single-use plastics in the near future. As of 2021, the EU will ban even more disposable plastic items such as takeaway knives and forks. It is likely the whole of the U.K will follow suit and introduce similar measures, with 74% of the public believing the British government need to do more to reduce our usage of plastic. At present, both Scotland and Wales have announced their own ban on plastic pollutants such as takeaway cutlery which will come into effect in 2021.


In anticipation of this, we are already offering reusable cutlery kits such as our ‘It’s A Wrap‘ cutlery set. This set includes a bamboo; fork, knife, spoon and straw, all of which come individually engraved with your logo. A pair of chopsticks and a straw cleaning brush are also supplied. All of these cutlery items come in a branded cotton wrap, enabling your clients to carry them on the go. We anticipate this item to become an increasingly popular promotional product as demand for plastic alternatives grows and future legislation comes into force.


For smaller snackers still looking to do their bit, we also have our ‘Eco To Go’ set which consists of reusable essentials such as a knife, fork and spoon. These also come engraved with your logo and their protective carry pouch comes printed with your logo.


Additionally, for those bringing their own lunches, our Bamboo To Go Lunchbox is made using a mixture of bamboo fibres and PP, meaning it has 50% less plastic in it than your regular plastic lunch box. Each of these lunch boxes comes with a handy elasticated strap and knife and fork meaning there’s no need to use disposable cutlery.


We source both our reusable cutlery and stainless steel straws directly to ensure a competitive price for our trade clients. Dealing directly with manufacturers means we are able to source all kinds of items, so whatever you are looking for, we will do our best to find it. For more information and pricing contact