Article below taken from Toby at Sharon Lee’s blog:

“5 years ago we were stepping out into a new world, and if I am brutally honest, it was a little daunting. It was a huge investment and a huge step to take but now, those daunting feelings are well and truly a thing of the past, and we have never looked back. It’s a department that we are all very proud of.

We have gone from 24 heads to 76 heads and our output has gone from 4,000 logos per week to 12,000 logos per week. We have made several changes and alterations to our warehouse to accommodate the 9 machines that we now have, and the 14 people that the department now employs.

Recently we obtained a SMETA audit with “ZERO” non-conformances and also passed a Fast Forward audit with the second highest accolade that can be achieved. We just cannot believe how far we have come.

It’s all about the people, and the success of the Sharon Lee embroidery department is the result of hard work, diligence and care, and every single person within Sharon Lee has contributed.”