After 30 years’ in the promotional product industry, Richard Wood has announced his retirement from High Profile in May 2016.

As a founder of High Profile, Richard developed the company from a division of Banbury Plastics into one of the biggest names in the British promotional merchandise market. With great experience in manufacturing and tooling, plus an eye for new product ideas, Richard has helped the company to take great leaps forward, firmly establishing itself as an expert in bespoke plastic products.

It’s an achievement which he believes credits the entire High Profile team. Richard commented: “The most important thing I’ve experienced at High Profile has been the loyalty and dedication of the team that have helped us to reach this position.”

So what’s next for Richard? “I plan to enjoy retirement!” he shared. “It’s time to give my wife Elaine some of the time she deserves from me, enjoy some travelling, spend time with the family, and attempt to complete at least three items from my ‘bucket list’.”

As part of the SPS Group, there are exciting plans for growth for High Profile, with Richard Hope Jones leading the team there.

Everyone at High Profile and SPS wishes Richard Wood all the best for a long, happy and well-deserved retirement.