PF Concept continues to build the momentum for sustainability. The company’s holistic approach to putting sustainable considerations at all core business topics, both within its own organisation and the global supply chain, is illustrated in the second “Serious about Sustainability” report.

Roelofarendsveen, 07. September 2018 – In 2017, PF Concept published the publicly available “Serious about Sustainability”- report for the first time and was honoured with an award for its business philosophy and customisation of its Compliance Assessment and Control System.

“Having been honoured as the “#Influencer of the Year 2017” at the PSI Sustainability award, we take it as our respon-sibility to speak out more loudly and raise the awareness of our distributors and end customers of pursuing more sustainable options,” says Ralf Oster, CEO of PF Concept. The company is constantly committed to its ongoing efforts towards sustainability and has published the second Sustainability report in which the company’s measures to continuously refine their “Serious about Sustainability” approach are documented and explained. In the new report PF Concept takes a look at the subject from different angles as it applies at all core business topics within the organisation and the supply chain. These range from their very own governance, sourcing and products to logistics, production, customer and people.

The company still considers itself to be a strongly compliance-based organisation, but is also increasingly aiming at demonstrating sustainability beyond compliance at all levels of the company.

“Just like any major business development topic, results don’t show overnight but need a long-term management approach. The development of a more coherent strategic approach to sustainability presented in this year’s report reflects our sincere commitment to mainstream sus-tainability at the corporate level, aligned with other future-oriented developments such as digitization. On the practical side, we have taken many small steps to increase the momentum of sustainability across the organisation. We will highlight a few of our achieve-ments in this issue of our sustain-ability report,” explains Ralf Oster.

As announced in last year’s sustainability report PF Concept has become a member of the amfori Business Social Compliance Initiative, BSCI for short, undergoing external third-party reviews.

Also long-term investment strategies pay off for the environment: The reduction of ink waste is one of the examples where continuous fine-tuning of environmental technologies is showing results. PF Logo Express has invested in digital printing technologies years ago, and the share of digital printing has continuously and significantly increased. Since the digital printing generates hardly any ink waste this initiative already has and will continue to have positive impact to environment and both resource and ink usage reduction.

In today’s increasingly sustainable societies, PF Concept wants to meet customers’ high demand for eco-conscious merchandise. A way of raising awareness on pressing environmental problems such as plastic waste is to promote products offering more sustainable choices. That’s why PF Concept created the brand name “Green Concept”.

Customers are offered a varied assortment of promotional products presenting more environmentally sustainable product options for their brands to be showcased on. Green Concept’s focus is on alternative choices to single-use items such as bottles and paper cups. The selection of promotional bags for example is made from natural materials such as cotton and jute to replace single-use plastic bags.

“We are convinced that it is not only a win-win strategy to focus on sustainability, but an ethical imperative to go the extra mile,” CEO Ralf Oster sumps- up.

The new Sustainability Report 2018 and the Green Concept brochure are available for download from