Senator Pens has sprinkled its manufacturing plant in Germany with a little magic, to create a superior soft ball writing experience.

Europe’s leading manufacturer of promotional pens has launched its magic flow refill, which is now supplied as standard in every Senator plastic pen. Its all-new refill guarantees the same exceptionally long writing length that Senator’s pens are renowned for, but with a softer, smoother, more supple feeling.

“Imported pens normally contain around 300 metres of ink,” said Senator’s UK & Ireland Marketing Manager Lynn Corrigan “but Senator pens contain up to 6,000 metres, guaranteeing higher levels of exposure and a better economic return for brands.”

It’s not just the writing length or the beauty of the dark blue and deep black inks that make its refills so enchanting, it’s also the peace of mind in knowing that when Senator’s pens reach the end user, they will not smear or blotch or worse still, contain any carcinogenics.

Sustainability has always been key with Senator. “Our products are a fusion of form and function,” adds Lynn “so brands are not only represented by a beautiful design, they have a promotional product that will last the test of time.” To add to this, Senator has the lowest carbon footprint of any promotional pen on the market and their refills and plastic pens are manufactured using water power. Now that’s pretty magic!