Special Edition for dedicated followers of fashion.

Senator’s 2015 metal collection has become an irresistible trend setter for contemporary metal pens that are a treat for the eye as well as the hand.

Its creative thinking is in response to the demand for metal pens with visionary design.  The latest portfolio effortlessly marries premium craftsmanship with the hottest contemporary designs; the perfect symbiosis of form and function.

“When it comes to the design of metal pens, aesthetic appeal is often a disappointing afterthought”.  said Lynn Corrigan, Marketing Manager UK & Ireland.  “Although they are the perfect executive gift at Christmas, they are also so much more.  A metal pen with a distinctive on-trend design is now a statement must have “accessory” that reflects individual style”.

Demand for Senator’s metal pen lines is at its highest ever, and its immaculate setting for branding perfection can be attributed to the quality of its base metal, which means that the engraving always matches the trim of the pen, giving a premium finish.

The Image range from Senator oozes sheer good looks and will impress at first glance.  With original individual styling, clean lines, and a superior quality finish, this highly regarded pen is well and truly in the ‘must have’ category.

Senator also offers the retail LAMY collection of pens, and dedicated followers of fashion will salivate at its Special Edition Logo polished.  Their fusion of exclusivity and timeless design is the ultimate expression of German quality.

Brands looking to show their appreciation to customers and colleagues now have more choice, more styles, and more originality than they could ever have imagined.