Sourcing City News has been advised on the following scam, make sure you are aware and don’t get caught out.

A normal enough looking quote came through – offer of payment up front, delivery to UK office to be sent to middle east. We proceeded with usual caution.

Follow up call from “the client”, confirming that they would make payment directly into account. Nothing happened.
Then find out that we are to receive ?49,153 into our account (order value was for ?3K ish)!!! At that point we ignored any communication

Today, we have had confirmation that someone sent a legit looking cheque direct to our bank for that value. Our Bank intercepted it, called the branch on the cheque to check up on it – they found out it was a fraud cheque.
What they do is try to get you to “pay the cheque in”.. but immediately confirm it is an error and ask you to return payment to them… their cheque bounces, but your money might have left your account by then…