If you are looking for a unique and creative confectionery gift for your customers this summer why not offer them Rock Sticks. These can be personalised with your clients name through the rock and pantone matched on the outside in their corporate colours using food dye. Prices are below:

14x2cm Stick of Rock (lots of other sizes available)

Our 14x2cm sticks of rock are our lowest priced rock sticks we produce.
They are a good choice for companies who are price conscious and are looking for low cost rock candy.
These individually wrapped rock sticks come with your name or message running through the centre with the outside fully personalised in your own choice of colours, flavours and can have a fully customised wrapped label.


Rock Sticks

150 £150.00

250 £170.00

500 £200.00

1000 £284.00

Labels (if required)

150 £26.00

250 £30.00

500 £36.00

1000 £42.00


150 £28.00

250 £34.00

500 £40.50

1000 £47.50


Web: www.rocksweets.co.uk