BIC Graphic Europe and Norwood Europe have developed a new flyer for distributors to showcase the available options for using reusable bags as an alternative to single-use carrier bags. With a large choice of products and a number of statistics regarding the use of single-use bags, it is a useful tool for distributors to take advantage of the growing use of reusable bags.

On 1st October, in an effort to reduce the consumption of single-use carrier bags, the UK government is introducing a 5p charge per bag in England to bring the legislation up-to-date with that in Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland. In countries throughout Europe where similar schemes are in place, the reduction in use of thin plastic bags has naturally resulted in consumers turning to reusable alternatives.

BIC Graphic Europe and Norwood Europe offer a vast selection of reusable bags – from simple cotton totes to the patented reflective shopping bag, non-woven totes to laminated full-colour shopping bags. Innovative fold-up totes and cooler shopping bags from Koozie® are also available.

Last year, over 7.6 billion single-use carrier bags were issued throughout supermarkets in England , many ending up in landfill or scattered around streets and rivers. By choosing reusable bags millions of plastic bags can be replaced, with both financial and environmental benefits.

To request copies of the Reusable Bag flyers, complete with end-user pricing, contact the Customer Services Team on 01895 823718 or