The Purple Club Summit took place at Wyck Hill House Hotel in The Cotswolds on Wednesday 22nd July 2015.

The Discussion Topics were submitted from the 40+ Purple Club Members who registered prior to attending. The topics were:

1. Trade Terms appear to be being offered to an ever wider range of company types – how can traditional distributors be supported?
2. What should the Quality Control Standard be for Product & Branding – How could suppliers define a set of industry standards?
3. What events do the industry actually need?
4. What does Vistaprint’s entry to the market mean to the industry?

The attending distributors and suppliers were split into three workshops groups who then each chose their preferred discussion topics. Each group’s feedback was then discussed and debated collectively by all attending Purple Club Members. Many points discussed were seen as insightful and useful, and for further consideration and potential action by those in attendance.

The full Report summarises the key points and differing views on each of the topics raised and discussed at the Purple Club Summit is now available exclusively for all Purple Club Members.

If you would like to join the Purple Club, or are a member who would like a copy of the report, please contact the team on 01252 701034