Scanglo Hi-Viz Prismatic Reflectors are Hi-Viz for a reason. The tiny prisms which make our product perform so well is not only down to the effectiveness of the design… the high quality of the manufacturing process and quality control make our reflectors out-perform any other reflector available.

When distributors are looking to supply their customers price is often a key factor – however Scanglo Ltd always advise that the customer is also made aware and informed that when they choose Scanglo Attachable Reflectors they are buying a product which not only meets CE certification to EN13356, they easily exceed the official target CE requirement.

Customers need reassurance that what they are purchasing is actually fit for purpose. When it comes to safety products this an important selling tool to gain customer trust. There are many imitations and reflective products that do not conform… It’s a question of safety, It’s a question of responsibility! Offer a reflector that you can prove really works. After all, these are used by real people, often children who are relying on them to help keep safe.