The winners of the Promotional Gift Award 2016 have been selected: 49 products and campaigns won the design and communication prize for haptic advertising that has been conferred every year since 2003 by WA Media, Cologne. The award winners include for example a Thermos flask in the shape of an Edding red pen, a bag set made of used bicycle innertubes for the bike brand, Ghost, a Jerry Cotton merchandising collection and a T-shirt, whose secret print motif – concealed behind the regular print motif – only becomes visible when exposed to the flash of a camera.

On December 14 and 15, 2015 the jury of the Promotional Gift Award met up to select the prize-winners from among the 242 entries. 192 companies had submitted innovations and developments from the haptic advertising sector. The share of foreign participants was 25%. The applicants included advertising agencies and designers, promotional products distributors and suppliers as well as packaging and customising specialists. The Promotional Gift Award 2016 is conferred in eight categories: Five products were distinguished in the rubric “Give-aways”, twelve in the category “Communicative Products”. Eight products won an award for “Custom-made Designs”, nine in the category “Best Practice” and four in the newly introduced category “Merchandising”. There were also four award winners in the category “Premium Products & Brand Articles”, one in the category “Packaging” and six in the rubric “Customising Technologies”.

A list of all award winners can be found at

All of the entries were assessed by four industry experts: Michael Mätzener (diewerbeartikel gmbh, CH-Schwyz), Miriam Pelzer (Volkswagen Zubehör GmbH, Wolfsburg), Michael Scherer (WA Media GmbH, Cologne) and Michael Witzorrek (NDR Media GmbH, Hamburg).

The award-winning products will be presented to a broad marketing trade audience at the HAPTICA® live ‘16 on March 16, 2016 at the World Conference Center Bonn in the scope of a special exhibition. Furthermore, the award ceremony will also take place at the HAPTICA® live ‘16.