With our inboxes currently full of emails aiming to comply with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), privacy has never been a hotter topic for businesses.
Threats to privacy can come from the unlikeliest of sources ¬– for example, how about that handy webcam on your shiny new computer?
There have been many reports of these webcams being activated remotely by computer hackers – and the implications for both commercial and personal privacy are all too imaginable and worrying.
With that in mind, BabyUSB’s new brandable Webcam Cover is a simple and timely addition to online security.

To ensure full privacy at all times, simply slide the cover to its closed position. Even if security is breached and the webcam is activated, hackers will see nothing.

For those times when you’re ready to make use of the webcam feature for conferencing or chatting to friends or family, simply slide the cover back – remembering to replace it when you’ve finished, of course.

This welcome gift is an ideal, cost-effective way to promote your business. As well as the easy-slide closure, the BabyUSB Webcam Cover boasts the largest branding area of its class (30mm x 12mm) and backing card printed full colour to front and reverse.

BabyUSB was established in 2002 and has grown rapidly to become the UK’s leading supplier of USB and other tech-based branded solutions. The company works with many major distributors to supply products for some of the biggest global brands.

For pricing and other information, email techgeeks@babyusb.com or call 0800 644 3004.