Printkick have developed a tool which allows customers to map the closest Pantone of any point on a raster image. It’s a simple three step process which will save time and effort for any distributor who encounters this problem regularly.

Printkick are pleased to announce the release of a free to use image PANTONE Matching tool for the promotional merchandise industry.

While many mid and large size customers have Pantone references included in their vector artwork, smaller scale customers or charities often send basic raster files which then need to be vectorised and converted into Pantone references.

This conversion usually takes place in the artwork studio, with back and forth between customer and studio to decide the correct colour.

Customers can visually inspect matches and choose the closest Pantone reference to their input colour.

Pantones cannot be replicated on-screen with 100% certainty due to differences in screen settings, however this is a quick and easy method for customers who don’t have Pantone references to begin with.

The tool can be accessed at:

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