Print Run Promotions Limited and Promo Trade worked jointly on development of Promo Trade’s sunglasses for a large American Corporate client in aviation. The client was sponsoring the Orbis Flying Eye Hospital and wanted a promotional gift that would work for them in conjunction with their sponsorship and also to promote their activity in this worthwhile programme. The Orbis Flying Eye Hospital circumnavigates the globe in a specially equipped DC10 with their elite eye care specialists to developing countries where they share skills and techniques with local medical teams.

Print Run briefed Promo Trade that the sunglasses should be manufactured to a Pantone colour in a unique soft feel matt finish with reflective UV400 lenses with a blue tinge and printed one arm with the client logo whilst the other arm featured the Orbis logo. Visuals were provided and samples were made on approval. The final order of 3000 pairs was delivered in 2 weeks from China with a tight deadline to meet the aircraft in Dubai, UAE.

The client reported back that the sunglasses were a huge hit and the Orbis hospital are now giving them to patients once they have been operated on. Orbis stated they were so impressed with them as normally they cannot use giveaway sunglasses because they do not protect the eyes enough. Another large order has just been secured for the sunglasses and Richard Milliken-Smith of Print Run Promotions and Sanjay Bhalla of Promo Trade donated 25% more free of charge to support the programme.