New from The Pen Warehouse, the Linea Pro Stylus Ballpen stands apart from other tech-ready pens with its unique stylus designed to offer a higher level of precision.

The stylus sits within a transparent plastic disk that creates a larger contact area with the screen, therefore reducing the pressure that’s applied when it’s used. This allows the stylus to have a very fine point without damaging a phone or tablet screen. It’s ideal for use with artwork applications, on-screen handwriting or websites with small elements.

The Linea Pro Stylus Ballpen is a high-quality metal writing instrument, with an intriguing cylindrical form, black finish and chrome trim. A ribbed rubber grip makes it comfortable to use, while a protective screw cap protects each business end.

Laser engraving will appear almost white against the black body, meaning a marketing message will really stand out. It’s available on a 5-day standard lead time.